Hurricane Harvey

So it’s been a while since I have been on my blog. I think about it a lot, but have not been able to make myself actually get on and type. But I know I am not going anywhere with this if I don’t put in the action. So here I am.

I started posting about food and travel with an amazing trip to Spain. I was so excited and had such an exciting time there. I feel like there is so much more to explore. I know I will make it back to Europe some day.

But things kept getting in my way. But I am back to share my life experiences including food and travel. But this is a story of one of my favorite people in the world and a scary time in her life and consequently in our lives.

On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey came ashore as a Category 4 hurricane. It came in near Rockport, Tx which is quite a way from the west side of Houston. But we knew from the beginning it was going to be a water event in our area. By 8-27 the storm was downgraded to a tropical storm, but it dumped a years worth of rain in less than a week in our area. And by 8-29 the rain in Houston had gone above the reservoirs and a lot of the Houston area was flooded.

I have to say that I personally was not dramatically effected. I had to move my car to a higher area because the street that I normally park was flooding. And we could not go anywhere for a couple of days, but we never lost power or had water in our second floor apartment. I just couldn’t get to work.

Hurricane Harvey did impact our family’s lives significantly.

This is my daughter’s story about what happened to them in her words. I don’t want to change a word of what she said.

“So Connor and I lost our cars the first night of the floods. The next night our power went out. And, today we were evacuated via the Game Warden and their crew on two separate boats. After Connor got on the boat, a man that had been in his car overnight went in to cardiac arrest (from carbon monoxide poisoning) in front of me while I was wading through waist deep water with my cat and my dog. Due to the emergency, Connor and I got separated. I got on the next boat and we continued to rescue another couple and their dog. The boat we were on was floating well above many cars and even a 9ft tall fence to get out of the apartment complex. They dropped us off near dry ground where, in the pouring rain with a dying man to my right, animals in hand with a 15 pound bag I could barely carry, I just started to yell for Connor (whom I did eventually find). A very nice man with a working car drove us around the flooded roads to get us to our friends place who have graciously taken us in, with our pets as well.

I am showered and safe with my husband and I’m insanely grateful. But today was by far the scariest day of my life and I didn’t even lose everything. My heart goes out to my city and the people in it. And, just thank you to everyone who is helping anyone out there during this catastrophe.”

We as parents, were completely worried about our youngest child. It is devastating that there wasn’t much we could do to help them. Our older daughter and her husband tried to get into town to rescue them with their boat but were unable to due to the flood waters. My husband couldn’t reach them or make it to work due to the flood waters. He took the pictures to document that he couldn’t get to work.

So many people lost so much here is our city/county/southeast part of our state. It made it hard to think about the small things I usually worry about in life. So grateful that my children were rescued safely and have been able to move on. So thankful for those that helped them out in so many ways. The amount of generosity that was shown to my kids by certain people were astounding.

Since then they have had to move to a new apartment, buy new furniture and they both had to buy new cars. And their life has moved on from the newlyweds of 6 months when the hurricane happened. We are all so thankful that our story had a happy ending.


Photos by Terry Carter

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