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A Career I Never Anticipated

About twenty five years ago I went back to work after having 2 kids. After getting married, graduating from college and moving around Texas and Nevada I wasn’t sure what type of job I would find. The first job I got was through a temp agency. I was the secretary who could design the covers and spines of the presentation binders. And the go to person to set up flow charts in Mac Draw. (It was the mid 90’s) People would stand behind me and watch and say you should do that for a living. Some people knew and some did not know graphics are what I went to school for.

After that temporary job I found a job setting up ads for the Las Vegas Review Journal. That lasted a year and when they hired someone else for a job I really wanted I started looking elsewhere. I interviewed with a screen printing shop and although I didn’t have any experience in that field, I did have computer skills and a graphics degree. They hired me and I started by spending 2 weeks working out of the adobe illustrator 3 tutorials. I will always be grateful for that opportunity. I have been in the screen printing industry ever since.

That being said, this blog is about the things I am interested in and the life my husband and I have outside of our jobs. I love to cook, love to travel and am getting back into photography which was a favorite activity of mine in college. I hope to share with you my favorite recipes, photographs and places that we go. Thank you for coming along for the ride.